" PET Pochitto " is the BtoB e-commerce site
that you can purchase pet spplies from one item

With simple and easy operations, you can order products from standard long-selling items to ones that are difficult to obtain.
Also, we provide useful information such as new products and recommendation to help
our customers to expand business opportunities.

Value proposition of BtoB business

20,000 items including original products, small lot order available 24/7
order available 24/7

We have approximately 20,000 items from standard long-selling items to ones that are difficult to obtain. In addition, each item can be purchased from one to big amount, anytime 24/7 if have the Internet connection. We ship the products next day of the order at the shortest.

Information provision according to the customers

A lot of different kinds of businesses use PET Pochitto not only grooming salons, vets, etc. but also cafes, hotels, e-commerce websites. We also propose products that meet the needs of each type of business.

Promotion and information provided on emails and SNS

We regularly provide information about new products and bargain items by email magazines and LINE to customers. In addition, we offer sales promotion and introduction of limited itemts on the supplier-specific proposal page.


We support you
to grow your business - please feel free
to contact us.


From a long-seller item
to a unique one,
we can connect you to
a suitable market for your products.