We are a trading company specialized for pets dealing with products of all categories of
dogs, cats, small animals and ornamental fish.

We are focusing on looking for products tailored to changing market needs.
We distribute products to various customers by utilizing logistics, sales and the BtoB online shopping site covering the whole country.

What Lovely Pet can offer to manufacturers

We can deliver goods to the customers nationwide.

We have sales offices in Osaka (the headquarter), Kanagawa, Nagoya and Okayama and we provide great customer service to local suppliers. The distribution centers are located in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Hyogo and Chushikoku, covering a wide area based in Honshu.

For those who want convenience service, we have the BtoB site "PET Pochitto".

A lot of different kinds of businesses use PET Pochitto not only grooming salons, vets, etc. but also cafes, hotels, e-commerce websites and we sell various products of many manufacturers.

We hold the largest exhibition in West Japan twice a year to offer business opportunities to our partners.

The exhibitions are held twice a year in spring and autumn - it is the biggest pet trade fairs in West Japan with many exhibitors and visitors. Both manufacturers and Lovely Pet set up a suggestion sections and offer big business opportunities.


How can I start business with Lovely Pet? Also, what is the process of dealing in our items?

Please contact our Product Department from the website or by telephone.

I would like to ask for publication of our products on the BtoB site.

Please contact our BtoB manager, but basically Lovely Pet should deal in the item.

Is it possible to ask to consult about the product's sales channel and selling price?

Absolutely yes, we will do our best to maximize the potential of your products. Please tell that when you talk to our Product Department before opening an account.


We support you
to grow your business - please feel free
to contact us.


From a long-seller item
to a unique one,
we can connect you to
a suitable market for your products.